Fiber Optic Gyroscope Future Tendency

Fiber optic gyro is with low cost, convenient maintenance advantages, many of the existing system replace mechanical gyro, so as to greatly improve the performance of the system, it reduces the cost and maintenance of the system. Now, fiber optic gyro is given with full play to its light quality, small volume, low cost, high precision, high reliability advantages, it is gradually replace other type of gyro.

The future research trendency of fiber optic gyroscope are:

(1) Using three axis FOG measurement instead of single axis FOG, the research and development of multi-function integrated optical chips, polarization maintaining technology, increase the intensity of miniaturization and low cost of fiber optic gyroscope.

(2) In-depth development, the application of low precision fiber optic gyro, especially civil inertial navigation technology;

(3) Strengthen the level precision fiber optic gyro technology and application research, the development of new type of fiber optic gyro – such as FOG and FRLG B.

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