Fiber Optic Gyroscope Applications

Military application

Fiber optic gyroscopes have a wide range of military applications due to their superiority in angular rate and acceleration measurement and their significant advantages in dynamic range, sensitivity and reliability. It can be used for positioning, orientation and navigation of tanks, submarines, self-propelled artillery and armored assault vehicles. When satellite navigation is unable to obtain accurate information due to strong electronic interference, fiber optic gyroscopes can be used to ensure that the aircraft navigates autonomously, accurately guides and accurately hits the target. At the same time, the FOG component is also an important part of the aviation fire control system. It can be used to stabilize the line of sight and the shooting line of weapon systems such as armed helicopters, and to ensure that the weapons search, aim, track and shoot during the movement. In addition, the fiber optic gyroscope is also the only effective navigation technology underwater, which can be used for positioning, orientation and navigation of submarines.

Civil application

In the civilian field, the main focus is on the application of medium and low precision fiber optic gyroscopes. The main applications are: automatic navigation of ground vehicles, positioning and orientation, vehicle control; attitude control of agricultural aircraft, sowing and spraying pesticides; in underground engineering maintenance, looking for damage Positioning tools and rescue tools for power lines, pipelines, and communication optical (electrical) cable locations; positioning and path surveys for geodesy, mineral exploration, petroleum exploration, oil drilling guidance, tunnel construction, etc., and the use of fiber optic gyro rotation angles And line displacement to achieve dam inclination and so on.

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