Fiber Optic Gyro North Seeker

In modern engineering surveys, True North is often used as a benchmark for determining azimuth. Therefore, people have used a lot of different methods to find the “North” little guy, such as astronomical north, geomagnetic north, inertial north, and electromagnetic north.

The invention of the gyro compass is of great significance. It not only satisfies the needs of ship navigation at the time, but also promotes the development of gyroscope theory. The gyro theodolite and the strap-down gyro north finder have come out one after another. Why can the gyroscope look north? This involves the two north-seeking principles of the North Finder.

The kinetic north-seeking refers to the northing of the kinetic effects of the interaction between the gyroscope rotation and the earth’s rotation, such as the gyro compass and the gyro theodolite. The north of kinematics refers to the north part of the earth’s rotation angular velocity measured by a gyroscope, and the strapdown gyro north finder belongs to this category.

The Strapdown North Finder needs to “level first, then seek north”. However, leveling is often time-consuming and laborious, especially for high-precision and rapid leveling of large vehicle platforms. If the north finder can directly seek north in the tilt state, it completely solves the problem brought by the leveling. This is the starting point for the development of a full-view north finder. The so-called “full-view north” means that you can find the north in various tilting states. Its significance is not only the ability to accurately find the north in the tilt state, but more importantly, the changes brought about by the system aiming and measuring methods. Because of this, “full attitude north” will become one of the development directions of the north of the military.

The gyro north-seeking method does not require astronomical observation, does not depend on the geomagnetic field, is not interfered by the iron material, and is determined to be the true north of the earth. Its autonomy and all-weather characteristics are of great significance in the military field.

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