Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder Parameter Error Analysis

With the precision of fiber optic gyroscope gradually improve, fiber optic gyro get more and more widely used because of its many advantages. However, in the process of the application of fiber optic gyro north finder, many problems still affect the search north accuracy and making the speed, mainly have the following questions: nonlinear problem, start temperature and disturbance problems, they severely restricts the precision fiber optic gyro north finder found find north and north quickness to further improve.

In view of the nonlinear problem of fiber optic gyroscope, on the basis of nonlinear error compensation model, find north, are measured with symmetric nonlinear error variation in the same symmetry position, can be combined for gyro zero variation, compensation is obtained by two position measurement, north algorithm; According to fiber optic gyro starting problem, according to the zero partial slope coefficient estimate the slope and the slope of the azimuth consistency coefficient, partial slope will be zero after converted into constant drift, transfer system by using two significant completely eliminate constant zero bias method. At the same time, eliminate the optical fiber gyro constant drift and zero partial slope; Using kalman filter algorithm to the problem of disturbance, improve the ability to resist disturbance of fiber optic gyro north finder system.

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