Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder

Fiber optic gyro north finder is a kind of independent instructions high precision inertial instruments, under the condition of not enter the latitude values, the carrier and true north direction angle is given. Use of fiber optic gyroscope measured rate of the earth from the angle of value and the measured gyroscope and accelerometer horizontal plane angle, through computer calculating carrier of baseline and the true north direction angle, carrier to get the value of the azimuth is placed on the baseline of the accelerometer to measure found north finder attitude angle.

Fiber optic gyro north finder using the fiber optic gyro which is composed by fiber optic ring, semiconductor laser, Y waveguide devices. They are solid state devices, there are no moving parts, it can impact resistance, resistance to vibration. This is its advantages that other types gyro can’t do it, such as DTG gyro, MEMS gyro, RLG gyro etc.

This ER-FNS-01 Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North Finderadopt high precision fiber optic gyroscope and quartz accelerometer as the core components, mainly composed of inertial measurement unit, data acquisition and processing unit, precision indexing mechanism and control display unit, and other parts. According to the using characteristics, at the same time, it can increase the GPS/BD/GNSS receiver, odometer sensor, altimeter and star sensor components, as well as provide carrier and true north azimuth, also it can provide the vehicle motion, speed and position information. Products can be used for a missile launch, weapon targeting, and radar, antennas, vehicles and other objects of dynamic and static initial alignment and direction control etc.

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