Fiber optic gyro inclinometer

From the north seeking measurement principle, the inclinometer can use liquid floated gyroscope, DTG, electrostatic gyroscope, ring laser gyroscope, optical fiber gyroscope gyro element, but by the size and application of environmental restrictions, currently easy products are dynamically tuned gyro and optical fiber gyro. It can be seen from the advantages and disadvantages of fiber-optic gyroscope and other gyroscopes that the use of fiber optic gyroscope to make the inclinometer has great advantages. But at present, there are many problems in the fiber optic gyroscope used in the inclinometer. The first is the volume limit that leads to low precision. The precision of the fiber optic gyroscope depends largely on the total area of the fiber loop, and the area of the ring can not be very large in a very small volume range. Secondly, the inclinometer is used in high temperature and high pressure environment. There are many problems in the key components of fiber optic gyroscope, such as the Y waveguide of closed loop fiber optic gyroscope, etc., which limits the performance and application scope of the fiber optic gyroscope inclinometer.

Fiber optic gyro inclinometer.JPG

ER-FIW03 Fiber optic gyro inclinometer is provided by ERICCO, it adopts three axis fiber optic gyro and three axis accelerometer which consists of an inertial measurement unit, length is 550mm, precision is 0.2deg/hr. With features of true north seeking, continuous measurement while drilling, high speed Measuring rate reachable 2m/s, small volume and easy to operate, strong impact resistance, small drift and high precision.

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