Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Commend Used Two Models

Frankly, most of the civilian unmanned aerial vehicles do not have offensive. However with the continued growth in the number of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles and application areas continue to expand, Not standard flight will cause harm to the public. The defense to civilian unmanned aerial vehicles is indeed a problem. In order to deal with those who do not abide by the rules of the “rogue unmanned aerial vehicles”, the development of anti unmanned aerial vehicles system will be put ion the agenda.

The current development of new anti unmanned aerial vehicles system commend used two models:

One is the hard kill,that is, direct use of special unmanned aerial vehicle weapons (like laser weapons) to shoot down, But for a special weapons legitimacy and security and other factors to consider, this approach can not be approved.

The second is the soft kill,that is, use radio interrupter system to transmitting radio beam to unmanned aerial vehicle,interrupter with  the unmanned aerial vehicle control signal caused its lose of contract with the land

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