ER-MG2-100 (0.02°/h) High Precision MEMS Gyroscope

High Performance North Seeking MEMS Gyroscope

The ER-MG2-100 is a micromachined single-axis gyro sensor. ER-MG2-100 provides highly accurate north-seeking angular rate (gyroscope) measurement with market-leading low power consumption, the bias stability (Allan variance) is only 0.02°/h, and the Bias stability (1σ 10s) is only is 0.1°/h. The ER-MG2-100 is optimized for high accuracy and stability. ER-MG2-100 is designed for north-seeking, advanced differential sensor design rejects the influence of linear acceleration. Angular rate data is presented as a 24-bit word.

ER-MG2-100 is available in a compact 11 x 11 x 2mm package. When the gyroscope is in full operating mode, the power consumption is typically 40mA. ER-MG2-100 is mainly used in high-precision multi-axis applications such as oil drilling, automated driving, and aviation. It can be placed in IMU, north finder, gyrocompass, tool while drilling, and inertial navigation system. The gyroscope used in ERICCO’s upcoming new MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-06 is ER-MG2-100, which will represent a major technological breakthrough in MEMS IMU in terms of high precision.


1. Oil and gas field

Gyroscope measurement is an essential part of drilling, and the harshest use environment for gyroscopes is the oil and gas downhole drilling industry.

petroleum drilling

The ER-MG2-100 MEMS gyroscope uses a solid-state sensor design to withstand extreme conditions such as downhole shock and vibration without recalibration during use and consumes less energy. The same battery can last longer. The gyro MWD embedded in the ER-MG2-100 can meet the accuracy requirements required by today’s complex drilling environment, and because of its high precision, when used in conjunction with MWD tools, the uncertainty can be reduced by 45%, which is conducive to precision Measurement.

2. Automobile automatic driving

The ER-MG2-100 instrument is a positioning module for the automatic driving function of the car. Autonomous vehicle positioning system usually consists of GPS module, three-axis acceleration sensor and three-axis gyroscope. Information obtained by combining sensors provides the vehicle with its position.

3. Aerospace


Because aerospace technology has very high requirements on the functional density ratio of devices. In aerospace and space applications, high-precision interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes are generally used.

MEMS ER-MG2-100 Compared with FOG, ER-MG2-100 can reach the same high accuracy as FOG but it’s much smaller in size, lower emission-quality and cheaper. low power to maintain temperature. It can be used for attitude and heading reference systems, flight control systems, modal testing, etc. in aerospace applications.


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