Electronic single multi-point inclinometer

Features of electronic single multi-point inclinometer:

A variety of operation methods: the same probe, equipped with different external protection assembly, can meet the different needs of the operation of hanging test, investment test, self-floating and other methods. It can be used for single point measurement as well as multi-point measurement for a certain section of well track.

High measurement accuracy, stable and reliable performance: The key component of the probe-acceleration sensor adopts the quartz plate flexible accelerometer, which has the characteristics of high linearity, small temperature drift, good repeatability and so on. Ø Power-saving function: Use intermittent power supply to increase the effective measurement time.

Power-off protection function: The power cut caused by vibration and impact does not affect the normal operation of the instrument. Data will not be lost when the probe is powered down.

Dynamic performance: The measurement data of the probe under dynamic and static conditions are basically the same.

Impact, shock resistance: The outer protection assembly is equipped with multi-stage radial and axial anti-shock buffering devices, which effectively improves the impact resistance and vibration resistance of the instrument.

Low temperature characteristics: The probe can work normally at -40°C.

Deep well measurement: With insulated protective tube assembly, maximum working temperature up to 250°C; maximum pressure capacity 125MPa

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