Dynamic Tuned Gyroscope

dynamic tuned gyroscope is a gyroscope supported by a flexible joint consisting of two pairs of orthogonal torsion bars and a balance ring frame through a gyro rotor. The negative elastic moment generated by the dynamic effect cancels out the positive elastic moment of the elastic torsion bar, so that the rotor is in the free rotor state without torque, which improves the accuracy of the gyroscope.

Power-tuned gyroscopes offer comprehensive advantages in terms of accuracy, reliability, small size, longevity and cost. At present, it has been widely used in various inertial systems, such as high-precision platforms used in the Long March series of launch vehicles, as the equipment and components of the rocket inertial reference and measuring the attitude and motion parameters of the rocket; SINS, used in the low-speed strapdown system of Fengyun satellite attitude control and various tactical missiles, guided bombs, unmanned aircraft; as navigation and positioning equipment for marine ships or land vehicles, applied to ships Gyro compass and land use north finder; or used in oilfield development and exploration, for oil well shaft re-measurement, drilling orientation.

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