DTG Logging Technology

DTG inclinometer is an instrument that can play sidetracking sidetracking and horizontal well drilling in oilfield production. The instrument measures the angular rate component of the earth to determine the position of a certain point in space and is not influenced by geomagnetism. This can measure the orientation of the window through the gyroscope in the downhole, so that the window can be reopened in the direction of the actual reservoir in the old well and the old well, so that the old well and the old well can be re-developed, saving manpower, material resources, and financial resources. The utility model can be applied to borehole trajectory measurement or directional drilling in a magnetic interference cluster well group, an infill well, and a magnetic shielded casing, oil pipe and drill pipe. Therefore, the popularization and application of this logging technology will greatly accelerate the pace of oil and gas exploration and development.

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