Double Degree Of Freedom Liquid Floating Gyroscope

The gyro motor is supported by a high-precision ball bearing in a sealed gyro ball (also called a float ball), and a T-shaped outer rotor structure is used for obtaining a large momentum moment. The gyro ball is composed of two hemispherical shell seals filled with hydrogen or helium gas to reduce the running wind resistance of the motor, prevent oxidation of parts and lubricants, and improve thermal conductivity. The gyro ball is fitted with a sealed insulator. Soldering the conductive spring on it. For signal transmission and power supply. The three-heart adjustment device is made into a combination. Same at both ends of the gyro ball. The gyro ball is suspended in the float and positioned with a jewel bearing. In order to obtain two rotational degrees of freedom. A ring device was designed. It acts as a gimbal. 2. Two pairs of orthogonal jewel bearing blocks are installed on the ring. Cooperate with the gyro ball and the journal on the base. The gyro vertical axis and the horizontal axis are formed. The journal is equipped with an adjustment and locking mechanism to ensure axial clearance. At the working temperature, the gyro is mechanically suspended. The buoyancy of the float is equal to the gravity, so that the inner and outer ring gemstone bearings are supported and unloaded, and the bearing support only serves as a positioning. The two output shafts of the gyro are equipped with two moving coil sensors and two straight flow ring torquers. The sensor rotor assembly is mounted on the gyro ball, and the outer end cover is attached to the stator for AC excitation. The torque rotor assembly is mounted on a gyro ball, and the stator assembly is composed of a magnetic steel, a magnetically permeable ring, and the like. It is also mounted on the outer cover torque rotor with a DC control signal. 3. The gyro shell consists of two outer end caps and a base to form a closed container. Internal wide suspension. A bellows assembly is mounted at both ends of the outer end cap. Used to compensate for the volume change of the float caused by temperature. Externally strong internally symmetrically distributed heating wire and heat sensitive composition temperature control components. For gyro temperature control. The cover is magnetically shielded, protected and attached for thermal insulation.

Unlike a single-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, a pair of pivots of a two-degree-of-freedom liquid-floating gyro gyro ball are mounted in a jewel bearing on the inner ring. Then, the float is mounted with the inner ring through a pair of pivots on the inner ring in the jewel bearing on the housing. The motor shaft is perpendicular to the plane formed by the inner and outer ring shafts. Thus, the gyro ball (i.e., the motor shaft) has a degree of freedom of rotation in both the inner ring shaft and the outer ring shaft.

Two orthogonally mounted sensors are used to measure the angular displacement of the float about two orthogonal directions, the outputs of which correspond to the rotation about the inner and outer ring axes, respectively. same. Two orthogonally mounted torquers are used to control the motion in two orthogonal directions. To generate a moment about the inner ring shaft and the outer ring shaft.

This double degree of freedom liquid floating gyroscope. At the same time, the angular motion of two orthogonal axes is sensitive, and two gyros are used as sensitive components to form a 3-axis stable platform system. One-axis redundancy can be achieved. To ensure accuracy, the float has a small working angle along two orthogonal axes.

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