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Double antenna GPS/SINS integrated navigation system

In the field of integrated navigation, satellite navigation, is currently the most commonly used GPS) and strapdown inertial navigation (SINS) integrated navigation system can make up for the inadequacy of their individual navigation circumstance. It has the advantages of high precision, low cost, simple structure, so far, it is the most popular research direction.


GPS/SINS integrated navigation is general position and velocity as the measurement to revise inertial navigation system, with the gradual development of GPS orientation system, the attitude and position and speed of the same as the measurement of all combination method is becoming a hot research topic. Based on the mechanism of GPS/SINS integrated navigation system and characteristics on the navigation computer based on DSP + FPGA platform design for reliable information fusion technology, through the relevant experiment proved that this system has a good effect.


Strapdown inertial navigation system, gyro, accelerometer, electronic circuit and metal body collectively known as the inertial measurement unit (IMU), it is the core component of the whole system. Convenient field sports car navigation system used in the experiment of integrated, modular design, through the interface navigation computer is even in the IMU device, computer and innovative marketing convenient replacement.

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