Does MEMS Replace FOG Technology?

Fiber optic gyro is a huge advancement of laser gyro. It belongs to two-gloss gyro. It uses the Sagnac effect to calculate the angular velocity with optical path difference. Compared with laser gyro, it is small in size, low in cost, accurate to one thousandth, and has no moving parts. , high reliability, and has been widely used. At present, China is mainly a major faction of Beihang University and Zhejiang University. There are more than 30 practitioners, the technology has been opened, and most of the precision is also one tenth. The industrial chain has been transferred to the central and western regions, and migrant workers can do it. But compared to MEMS is still very expensive, and nearly a thousand kilometers of fiber winding, temperature coefficient, reliability, impact resistance, long storage have problems, and the current accuracy of MEMS is already 10 and open-loop fiber is equivalent, and already To the 1st, so in some low-end and short-term applications, it is very challenging to test the gross nerves of fiber optic practitioners, and the advantages of MEMS small size, low cost, chip batching, high reliability, etc. are very obvious, but the accuracy of MEMS enters within 10 years. 0.1 is a bit difficult, so in 0.1 to one thousand can be the world of fiber, can not be replaced in a short time.

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