Do you know how to use electronic compass in unmanned ship control system?

Unmanned ship is an intelligent platform which can sail autonomously or semi-autonomously on the water surface by relying on sensors on the ship.As the eyes and ears of the unmanned ship, the core sensor has always been an important part of the unmanned system.Due to different monitoring requirements, unmanned vessel control system usually carries a large number of sensors and equipment.For example, it can be equipped with high-precision GPS module, electronic compass, attitude detector, salinity and temperature sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, etc., so as to complete the tracking of water and obtain water quality test data.

Specifically, for example, GPS module positioning equipment can determine the position and course of the unmanned ship, and track the course and sailing point;Temperature sensor and salinity sensor can record and store the way to measure water surface temperature and salinity, and obtain high precision water quality experimental data.

At present, in China, unmanned ships equipped with different types of sensors can be widely used in Marine transportation, Marine environmental investigation, Marine resource exploration, Marine archaeology, water search and rescue, intelligence gathering, maritime training and testing, reconnaissance and evidence collection, warning and patrol, firepower attack, naval escort, anti-mine and anti-submarine and other fields

Unmanned ship attitude control 

Specifically, in the attitude control system of the unmanned ship, various sensors need to be configured to carry out complementary detection according to different usage requirements, so as to realize the detection of its own state and Marine environment.For example, the sensors carried by the unmanned ship are mainly all kinds of position and attitude detection sensors.Due to the particularity of the unmanned ship itself and its working environment, in addition to illumination and fog, it also faces special challenges in attitude control, such as weak visibility of sea target, intense hull shaking, strong sea clutter and underwater target detection, etc.

Generally speaking, the attitude instrument on the unmanned ship is usually equipped with accelerometer sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope and other sensor chips, which can realize the function of attitude detection.Specifically, its built-in acceleration sensor can first measure the component of the earth’s gravity in the measured direction, and then convert it to the tilt Angle, and finally collect the data of the unmanned ship’s forward and backward pitch Angle, side to side swing Angle, mast rotation Angle and so on during the course of traveling

Our high-precision three-axis electronic compass provides accurate azimuth information by using advanced algorithms for soft and hard magnetic correction of the modules. Electronic compass of unmanned ship Angle data read, can continuously adjust the unmanned ship sailing direction.

Due to the output information of the electronic compass, it represents the current attitude position.Therefore, in combination with other attitude sensors, electronic compacts can be used for attitude and orientation measurement in systems that require 360° rotation, such as unmanned ships.In addition, due to the integration of a three-axis magnetic sensor and a three-axis inclination sensor, the high-precision three-dimensional electronic compass module is small in size, which is very suitable for systems with high space requirements such as unmanned ships.

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