Development Prospects Of Inertial Sensors

As far as the global development status is concerned, the existing inertial sensors can meet the accuracy requirements of various current navigation tasks. The main goal in the future is to reduce the cost, size, weight and power consumption of the device, including the following aspects:

1 Materials and processes: Manufacturers use low-labor-intensive production models and batch processing technologies, using silicon wafers, quartz, or a combination of photovoltaic materials (such as lithium niobate) to create inertial sensors.

2 Cost: including the cost of the product itself and the cost of operation and maintenance. Due to large-scale mass production, the cost of inertial sensors is greatly reduced.

3 Volume: Inertial measurement sensors are constantly moving toward lightweight, miniaturization and miniaturization; some new inertial sensors will not be recognized by the naked eye in the future, such as NEMS (Nano-Electro-Mechanical System) and optical NEMS.

4 Research hotspots: On the one hand, focusing on the performance improvement and effective packaging of miniaturized MEMS inertial devices, on the other hand, focusing on optical sensors, especially the research on FOG with integrated optics.

5 Expectations: Inertial sensors with small size and low cost can be obtained at various precision levels.

The development of inertial sensors directly determines the development and application of inertial navigation systems. The cost, volume and power consumption of inertial sensors affect the corresponding parameters of inertial navigation systems. Therefore, the development of inertial measurement sensors requires weighing the following factors: accuracy, continuity, reliability, cost, volume/weight, and power consumption.

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