Development Direction of Gyroscope

INS have a fixed drift rate, which will cause the motion error of objects. Therefore, long range weapons usually use instructions and GPS to fix ins periodically, so as to get continuous and accurate location parameters. Inertial navigation systems have developed flexible inertial navigation, optical fiber inertial navigation, laser inertial navigation, micro solid inertial instrument and so on. The gyroscope developed from the traditional winding gyroscope to the electrostatic gyro, the laser gyro, the fiber optic gyro and the micromachined gyroscope. Laser gyroscope has wide dynamic range, good linearity and stable performance. It has good temperature stability and repeatability. It occupies a leading position in high-precision applications. Because of the progress of science and technology, the low cost fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) and micromachined gyroscope (MEMS) are more and more accurate. It is the direction of the development of the future gyroscope technology.


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