Design of Gyroscope Inclination Ground System

Gyro inclinometer is a newly developed kind of device which is not affected by geological and the surrounding environment of precise oil well guidance system, the system with dynamically tuned gyro or fiber optic gyro as core, not only can measure the azimuth of target location, but also can measure parameters such as hole deviation, tool face angle, to gain the space to the well trajectory, at the same time, it also provides guidance information for directional drilling.

Therefore, gyro inclinometer has become a must-have product in oil field production, the measurement of directional instrument. Traditional gyro inclinometer interface generally is the extension of a series of peripheral devices by single-chip microcomputer, after comparison of mixed structure, for example: analog signal sampling needs to extend the A/D converter analog multiplexer selector, and programmable amplifier, etc.; Communicate with gyroscope part needs to extend Manchester codec chip (such as HD15530) or extend the FPGA realization of decoding;With industrial control communication part needs to extend the USB interface chip (such as PDIUSBD12) or other communication interface chip. Integrated circuit manufacturing technology in recent years, chip integration more and more high, the function is more and more strong. It is necessary to use high integration of the chip to improve the original dip interface, on the premise of meet the function can greatly reduce the size of our case.

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