Definition of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

A modern gyroscope is an instrument capable of accurately determining the orientation of a moving object. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aviation, navigation, aerospace, and defense industries. It develops for a country’s industry, national defense, and others. The development of high technology has a very important strategic significance. Most of the research work on fiber optic gyroscopes has focused on interferometric methods. Only a few companies are still studying resonant fiber optic gyroscopes. Compared with traditional mechanical gyroscopes, the advantages of fiber optic gyroscopes are all solid-state, no rotating parts and friction parts, long life, large dynamic range, instant start, simple structure, small size, and light weight. The main technologies that need to be broken in fiber optic gyroscopes are the loss of sensitivity, the drift caused by noise and fiber birefringence, and the instability of scale factor caused by changes in polarization state.

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