Connection Mode of Servo Motor and Reducer

In general, the servo system manufacturers do not produce the reducer. As a result, the servoelectric and configuration reducer is basically the reducer of other brands. This reducer is a reducer specially designed for servo motor.

Connection reducer and servo motor output shaft: hold mode servo motor into the servo motor and reducer, reducer through flange connection. There is a deformable hoop in the reducer, and the locking screws on the reducer can make the hoop tighten the shaft of the servo motor (the writer has a 0.75KW servo motor at the same time). So for this connection, the servo motor is not required to have keyways (of course with keyway can also, but Money ordering and delivery of servo motor with keyway is long).

Connection reducer and servo motor: external connected by coupling way. This connection adopts an external coupling, so it requires servo and keyway. The external coupling can also use flexible coupling (soft shaft) – the power of the soft shaft is generally not more than 5.5KW, and the speed can reach 20000 rpm.

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