Comparison of Satellite Receivers and Satellite Simulators

The satellite simulator simulates the entire working process of satellite signal reception from space satellite to orbital link to user reception, even considering the Earth’s rotation and Doppler effect. Satellite simulators still have significant advantages over satellite receivers in experimental testing:

(1) Reproducible test. Researchers can experiment repeatedly under constant test conditions to improve the accuracy of the measurement results.

(2) Accuracy test. The simulator can adjust various parameters such as the power of the satellite signal to meet different experimental needs.

(3) Scene customization. Different weather conditions and atmospheric parameters can be simulated according to experimental requirements. The satellites in the orbit have a high-precision time reference with a precision of 10-13, and the transmitted satellite signals have a high time quality rating. The satellite simulator itself also has a crystal clock with a time accuracy of 10-9. Although it is inferior to the time accuracy of the real signal, it can still meet most of the experimental testing requirements. For a more accurate time reference, an external clock reference source with high-precision frequency output can be configured for the simulator.

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