Classification of North Finder

North finder is a compass, is used to find the north direction at a position value. Gyro north finder, also known as gyrocompass, is an inertial measurement system based on the principle of gyroscope to determine the earth’s rotation rate in the horizontal projection direction of the earth. Its north seeking process does not require external reference. In addition to the high latitude limit, it is not affected by weather, day and night, geomagnetic field and site pass conditions. Gyroscope is a kind of precision inertial measurement instrument, which is used to provide directional reference for artillery, surface-to-surface missile and ground radar and other mobile weapon systems.According to the type of gyro used, gyro finder can be divided into the following three types:

1.A north seeker with two degrees of freedom gyroscope as a earth rotation sensor (such as hanging pendulum gyro    north seeker)

2.A north seeker with a uniaxial rate gyroscope as a sensor (such as a strapdown gyro north finder)

3.Platform north seeking system

Fiber optic gyroscope is a kind of high precision inertial instrument, which can be used to indicate the orientation of the carrier and the true north direction.Use of fiber optic gyroscope measured rate of the earth from the Angle of value and the measured gyroscope and accelerometer horizontal plane Angle, through the computer solution can be obtained in the baseline and the true north direction Angle, placed on the baseline of the accelerometer find north finder attitude Angle can be detected.

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