Classification of inertial navigation systems?

Platform type inertial navigation system: a three-axis gyro stabilization platform, the accelerometer is fixed on the platform, the sensitive axis is parallel to the platform axis, and the three stable axes of the platform simulate a navigation coordinate system. The structure is complicated, the volume is large, and the production cost is high.

Strapdown inertial navigation system: no stable platform, accelerometer and gyroscope are directly installed on the carrier, and the attitude matrix (pose update solution) is calculated in real time in the computer, that is, the relationship between the carrier coordinate system and the navigation coordinate system is calculated. Thereby, the accelerometer information of the carrier coordinate system is converted into information under the navigation coordinate system, and then the navigation calculation is performed. High reliability, high functionality, light weight, low cost, high precision and flexible use make SINS the mainstream of today’s inertial navigation systems.

Attitude update solving is the key algorithm of strapdown inertial navigation. The traditional attitude updating algorithms include Euler angle method, direction cosine method and quaternion method. The quaternion method is simple and computationally small, so it is often used in engineering practice.

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