Classification of Inclinometers

Electronic single multi-point inclinometer: The probe is equipped with three mutually perpendicular gravitational accelerometers to measure three vectors of Gx, Gy and Gz, and three mutually perpendicular fluxgates measure three Bx, By and Bz respectively. Vector, through vector synthesis and related calculations, to obtain the required parameters for each measurement point.

Drilling while measuring instrument: Wired LWD inclinometer and wireless LWD inclinometer can monitor the changes of parameters such as downhole well inclination, azimuth and tool surface in real time.

Gyro inclinometer: A measuring instrument that is immune to magnetic interference and is suitable for wellbore measurements in environments with magnetic interference or magnetic shielding. Typical magnetic interferences are downhole casings, drill pipes, adjacent well strings and other iron ore.

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