China’s first high-prototype unmanned helicopter makes its first successful flight

Recently, the AR500C, the first high-prototype unmanned helicopter independently developed by China, successfully flew for the first time in Poyang, Jiangxi.

The report pointed out that the air in the plateau is thin, and the flight performance of the aircraft will be greatly reduced. For this reason, designers have made a lot of innovations and adopted many new technologies for wind resistance and sand resistance. The helicopter can perform tasks such as search support and forest fire prevention.

PConline learned that the AR500C high-prototype unmanned helicopter is a high-prototype unmanned helicopter developed on the basis of the AR500B unmanned helicopter technology. The maximum take-off weight is 500 kg, the take-off height is 5000 meters, and the use ceiling is 6700 meters. About 5 hours, the maximum level flight speed is 170 kilometers per hour, and the maximum cruising speed is 165 kilometers per hour.

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