Calibration Method of Gyro Inclinometer

The calibration method of the gyro inclinometer comprises the following steps:

1) The survey of strapdown system is installed on the three axis turntable, the inclinometer strapdown system through the data acquisition system to transmit data to the computer system connected to cable strapdown measuring; inclinometer strapdown system includes a biaxial DTG and three accelerometer measurement data; computer sampling stored in computer; each measurement data by computer the sample has six groups, each group of data including: X axis gyro gyro Y axis voltage value, voltage value, voltage value to x accelerometer, y accelerometer Z accelerometer to voltage value, voltage value, the voltage value of the temperature sensor;

2) Find out the right north direction of the strapdown system;

3) The strapdown system is calibrated according to the ten position slanting.

The calibration method is a gyro inclinometer calibration method which is suitable for different temperature changes in the down hole, high measurement precision and short time consumption, and it is used for a double-shaft dynamically tuned gyroscope and a three-branch accelerometer strap-down measuring device .

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