Basic Term For Inclinometer

1. Well depth:

Refers to the actual length of the wellbore from the wellhead to the measuring point, usually calculated by the length of the drill string or the length of the cable, also known as oblique depth or sounding.

2. Well angle:

The angle between the direction line of the wellbore and the gravity line at the measurement point.

3. Azimuth:

Take the magnetic north bit line as the starting edge and rotate clockwise to the angle that the azimuth line is rotated. The slanting azimuth line refers to the projection line of the wellbore bearing line of the measuring point on the horizontal plane. The electronic apodometer measures the magnetic azimuth. If it is converted to true azimuth (geographic azimuth), the following formula should be referred to:

True azimuth = magnetic azimuth + east magnetic declination or true azimuth = magnetic azimuth – western magnetic declination

4. Vertical depth:

That is, the vertical length of the measuring point refers to the vertical distance from any point on the well to the horizontal plane of the wellhead.

5. Horizontal length:

Also called horizontal projection, that is, the horizontal projection length of the well depth of the measuring point, which refers to the projection length of the wellbore length from the wellhead to the measuring point on the horizontal plane.

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