Basic Functions Of Integrated Navigation Based On Inertial Navigation System

The principle of integrated navigation

Most of the integrated navigation systems use the inertial navigation system as the main aspect, mainly because inertial navigation can generate more navigation parameters. It also provides full attitude information parameters that are unmatched by other navigation systems. In addition, it is free from outside interference and has good concealment, which is also its unique advantage. The insufficiency of the positioning error of the inertial navigation system over time can be supplemented by other navigation systems.

Application of inertial measurement

Integrated navigation is the end of recent navigation theory and technology development. Each individual navigation system has its own limitations and unique features. By combining several different single systems, multiple sources of information can be used to complement each other to form a multi-functional system with redundancy and navigation accuracy. The application of new data processing methods, especially the Kalman filter (see waveform estimation) method, is the key to generating integrated navigation. The Kalman filter not only considers the currently measured parameter values through the equations of motion and the measurement equations, but also makes full use of the measured values of the past measurements. The latter is based on the speculative values that should be present, while the former is the correction amount. Corrected to get the best estimate of the current parameter value.

The state vector concept can be utilized when multiple subsystems are involved in the combination. Usually, the error itself is taken as the state vector, not the best estimate of the speed, the azimuth itself, etc., but the best estimate of the velocity error, the azimuth error, and the like. By subtracting this estimate from the actual measured speed and orientation, the parameters such as speed and azimuth at this moment are obtained. Integrated navigation is actually a computer-centric, comprehensive and optimized mathematical processing of the information sent by each navigation sensor, and then comprehensive display. The navigation sensor includes various navigation devices and computer external devices, and the display device and the like are all output devices.

The most basic combination method is based on speculative positioning, which is regularly corrected with higher accuracy equipment.

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