Automotive Navigation Technology

The automobile navigation system is mainly composed of navigation host and navigation display terminal. The built-in antenna will receive data from at least three satellites orbiting the earth and determine the car’s current position. The position coordinate determined by the navigation host through the satellite signal and the electronic map data match, then the accurate position of the car in the electronic map can be determined. On this basis, will achieve driving navigation, route recommendation, information query, play AV/TV and other functions.
The driver only needs to watch the screen on the monitor and listen to the voice prompt, the remote control in the hand can achieve the above functions, thus driving easily and freely.
At present, the commonly used civil satellite navigation technology in the world is global positioning system (GPS). Its positioning principle is to use 24 GPS satellites to circle the earth at an altitude of 12,000 kilometers above the ground with a period of 12 hours, so that more than 4 satellites can be observed at any time and at any point on the ground at the same time.

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