Application Of Inclination Sensor In Aircraft Test

It will fly away from the ground by humans in space, and people will fly instrumental control or space atmosphere outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Aircraft are divided into three categories: aircraft, such as: gliders, spacecraft, flying, etc.; spacecraft, such as artificial earth satellites and manned spacecraft, space probes, rockets and missiles.

Before the vehicle is put into use, it needs to be tested, such as vibration, flight attitude and so on. The use of angle sensor angle measuring instrument has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, stable operation and good linearity. It has been widely used in spacecraft attitude test. .

Through the installation of the angle sensor vehicle, not only can the aircraft’s output current of the flight attitude angle signal be detected in real time, but also the wireless data transmission of the digital display instrument, so that the tester can directly see the current angle and obtain measurement data integration. To the control system, the tester can more fully understand the flight attitude of the real-time airship, and can output real-time data storage, analysis and processing, and the improvement of vehicle functions is of great significance.

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