Application of Strapdown Inertial Navigation in Military UAV

Strapdown inertial navigation is a navigation technology that directly integrates inertial measurement elements (mainly gyroscopes and accelerometers) on aircraft, and uses computer to transform measurement signals into navigation parameters. The generation of strapdown inertial navigation system depends on the rapid development of modern electronic computer technology.

Nowadays, most UAVs use INS / GNSS as basic navigation modes to ensure stable navigation in most scenarios. Due to the large military UAV navigation system lightweight and cost requirements is not high, in order to achieve high navigation accuracy, which usually still use fiber optic gyro / laser gyro and quartz accelerometer is composed of high precision inertial navigation system, small and medium sized commercial UAV is used more and more small cheap, but the accuracy of MEMS devices composed of lower ins or AHRS, and satellite navigation, still can provide effective navigation information output.

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