Application of Laser Gyroscope

Gyroscopes are usually installed in addition to the north-south direction of the east and west, but also to determine the vehicles or vehicles above and below, such as airplanes, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, submarines, and so on. It is the primary basis for determining position in aviation, navigation and space navigation systems. This is because, under high-speed rotation, the rotation axis of thegyroscope is stably pointed in a fixed direction, and after this direction is compared with the axis of the aircraft, the correct direction of the aircraft can be accurately obtained. The compass cannot replace the gyroscope because the compass can only determine the direction of the plane; on the other hand, the gyroscope is also more convenient than the traditional compass. Because the traditional compass is oriented by the earth’s magnetic field, it is subject to mineral distribution interference, such as by the fuselage of the aircraft or The hull is affected by iron matter. On the other hand, the two poles will also be greatly deviated due to the difference between the geographical north pole and the geomagnetic north pole. Therefore, the current gyroscope and satellite navigation system have been used as the main instruments for navigation and navigation.

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