Application of Inclinometer on Special Vehicles

Special vehicles refer to a wide range and many types, which are classified into the following categories:

1. Vehicles with special dimensions and weights that exceed the design vehicle limits and are used in special applications.

2, specially made or modified, equipped with fixtures, the main function is not for manned or transported motor vehicles.

3. Vehicles that are responsible for special service and hoisting special vehicle license plates and installing alarms and signage lamps. For example: cash trucks, ambulances, fire engines, police cars, engineering rescue vehicles, military supervision vehicles, etc.

4. Various wheeled or crawler-type vehicles for traction, clearing, cleaning, lifting, loading and unloading, lifting, mixing, excavation, bulldozing, road pressing, etc., or fixed special equipments in the car, engaged in professional Vehicles for monitoring, fire, cleaning, medical, television, radar, X-ray inspection, etc.

Among them, self-unloading heavy vehicles, sweeping vehicles, cementing trucks, fracturing trucks, road wreckers, aerial work vehicles, concrete pump trucks, snow clearing vehicles, etc. are the most widely used and representative vehicles.

There are many cases in which the tilt sensor is used in the vehicle. Special vehicles are especially needed. For example, radar positioning vehicles, excavators, bulldozers and other special vehicles must use the tilt sensor. The following is a less common self-unloading heavy truck. For example, in the process of self-unloading the car, the upper and lower pitch angles of the loading box must be properly controlled to complete the work well. At this time, the tilt sensor is very important, because the tilt sensor can accurately The pitch angle of the container is measured and the angle information is transmitted to the operator.

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