Application Of Inclination Sensor On Warship

Warships, also known as naval vessels, are ships that perform combat missions at sea. The biggest difference between a warship and a civilian vessel is that the warship is equipped with weapons; and the mast is equipped with various radar antennas and electronic equipment for combat. The warships are equipped with weapons. The weapons on the battleships are various types and sizes of naval guns, missiles for various purposes, such as counter-ship missiles, air defense missiles, anti-submarine missiles and deep-water bombs, and some warships. Carrying aircraft and helicopters in auxiliary combat ships, mostly equipped with weapons for self-defense.

In the warship, because there is a radar and antenna for the integrated combat, in order to make the antenna work in the best state, it is necessary to keep the antenna in a horizontal state. This requires real-time control of the platform and real-time detection of the warship’s pitch. And roll motion, and through the acquisition of the output signal of the tilt sensor, the control system adjusts the pitch and roll angle of the warship, so that the base platform of the warship satellite tracking antenna is at a level

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