Application Of Inclination Sensor In Dam Monitoring

n recent years, the detection of dams has received more and more attention. Through testing, it is possible to avoid all kinds of dangerous situations to the greatest extent, so as to prevent, timely discover, accurately judge and target. So how to check if the status of the dam is good? By measuring the tilt detection of the dam by the inclination sensor, the deformation state of the dam can be understood most intuitively and quickly, and the deformation law can be mastered to provide a reliable guarantee for early prevention and timely treatment.

In the construction of the dam, it is necessary to install the inclination sensor directly on the body of the dam or in the foundation structure and the soil and the mountain near the dam to monitor the dam and the small changes in the environment around the dam, such as the dam. Body seepage, the surrounding rocks are severely corroded, earthquakes or landslides and the impact of landslides on the nearby geological environment, although sometimes the impact is very small, but if the small impact can not be processed in time, it may have serious consequences.

Our company’s tilt sensor has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, small error and wide application range. Ideal for dam monitoring.

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