Application of Fiber Optic Gyroscope in Navigation

The compass is an important navigation device for ships, mainly including magnetic compasses and gyrocompasses.

Kind. With the development of fiber optic gyroscope technology and the improvement of commercialization level, fiber optic gyroscope

The instrument has become a new member of marine navigation equipment for commercial and military vessels and marine applications.

App is applied to the device. Fiber-optic gyroscope based on strapdown inertial navigation system

The shaft corresponds to the three axes of the ship’s coordinate system, and it can be used not only as a high-precision aircraft.

To the information source, to automatically find the north, north, and also can return the heading

Reliable data such as rate, cross, pitch angle and heading rotation rate, further push

Automated ship development, ensuring the maneuvering effect of the ship and ensuring navigation safety

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