Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Defense System

In response to the protection and control measures of unmanned aerial vehicles, after several rounds technical selection and operational scheme improvement, our company eventually formed a set of multi-sensor front-end low small slow unmanned aerial vehicles detection, identification and nondestructive interception system solutions, which to counter the potential threat from small unmanned aerial vehicle, and fill the blank of the current security system in low altitude defense.

The application field of anti unmanned aerial vehicle covers prison, water conservancy facilities, nuclear power station, army camp, government agencies and other sensitive area, on the other hand can also take into account the privacy protection of private villas and other requirements.

Anti unmanned aerial vehicle system can detect unmanned aerial vehicles within 2km, by the infrared camera accurately detect the target, and automatically track it, and you can automatically or manually interfere the communications of communication hubs and command functions with drones, which can lead to drone paralyzing, and the system will manipulate the target to make it land.

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