Anti-UAV technology research


The establishment of a perfect Anti-UAV system, the introduction of deep learning to identify UAVs, black-fly UAVs in a timely manner and take the appropriate alarm, countermeasures, in order to achieve full supervision of the UAV is the current stage UAV technology development.

Conventional methods of fighting UAV threats include destroying launch platforms, camouflage, electromagnetic interference, direct fire and more. If the UAV alone or only a few formations battle, should adopt the conventional means of confrontation. However, when a large fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles using bee colony tactics were attacked, the reaction time left to warfighters and the system was extremely short. Conventional air defense weapon systems are the most commonly used anti-aircraft weapons and can be deployed on space-based, sea-based and land-based platforms. However, these weapons are an overkill for a small UAV and present a significant cost asymmetry problem. And these systems are bulky and can not withstand the intrusion of small, inexpensive UAV clusters.

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