Anti-UAV technology – interference blocking class

Interference blocking class mainly through signal interference, acoustic interference and other technologies reach interference UAV.

1.Interference signal. At present, the control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) use wireless communication technology, more the transmission power interference signal by the target drone, the control signal suppression, can force the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landing or return.

2.GPS deceive. The main principle of GPS deceive is to send false geographic coordinates to the drone’s control system, thus controlling the navigation system and inducing the drone to fly to the wrong place. GPS signals can be generated by generators or pre-recorded and replayed. Because of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to receive GPS signals are always will be subject to the strongest signal source, so the artificial ground GPS signal as long as the strength is big enough, can cover the real GPS signals coming from space, to cheat the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) GPS receiving module.

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