Anti-UAV Products for Critical Application

When the UAV in the no-fly area near the hovering flight, no one knows that it is aimed at shooting, surveillance or opportunistic terrorist activities or any other purpose, the control of the UAV has become the urgent need to address the current security industry Problem, without delay. Anti-man-machine system to solve a variety of “black fly” problem.

Anti-man-machine system is mainly through the long-range instantaneous cut off the unmanned aerial vehicles and remote control between the link and all the map signal, the UAV for landing or return. The control of unmanned aerial vehicles in the flight state through the anti-man-machine system can achieve security in specific areas, such as military management areas, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, prisons and other domestic no-fly zones Protection against the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for the transport drug trafficking, smuggling of illegal goods or the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for the protection of the information on the scene of the major criminal cases, the important security places, the protection of politicians, the rehearsal of large-scale performances, the excavation of archaeological excavations, and large-scale group events. Information transmission and other criminal activities.

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