Anti-man-machine Defence System Work Process

Anti-man-machine defence system first detects the airspace by the low-altitude small target detection subsystem. Once the object has been found to intrude into the surveillance airspace, the monitoring personnel will be reminded and the information such as the type of the intrusion object, the three-dimensional coordinates, the motion trajectory and the moving speed will be sent to the remote monitoring equipment.

The supervisor can remotely observe and confirm the intruded object through the remote monitoring device, and then select the intervention mode.

If the birds invade the airspace, the Flying Bird Intervention Subsystem will disperse the birds in accordance with the three-dimensional coordinates provided by the detection radar and broadcast the acoustic signals and warnings in that direction.

If the UAV intruded, the UAV intervening subsystem will signal the radar to provide three-dimensional coordinates of the signal interference, forcing the UAV fall, return, forced landing.

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