Anti Drone Technology

With the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicle, accidents related to UAVs have also entered the field of vision, and the use of UAVs for criminal activities is no longer rare. An unmanned drone fell on a pedestrian or an object, an amateur drone operator operated a drone into the no fly zone, drones interfered with civil aviation and interfered with fire fighting.

Some dealers are using drones to drug trafficking, some criminal groups using drones to smuggle drugs, mobile phone and money to the prisoners, while the United States at the age of 18 college students with a modification of the UAV flight pistol is caused by the network hot, from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration directly involved in the investigation. Therefore, the discussion about the legislation of UAV becomes more and more urgent. At the same time, the anti UAV system emerges as the times require the UAV industry to flourish.

At present, the anti UAV technology mainly includes acoustic interference, signal interference, hacking technology, laser cannons, seized radio control, the characteristics and effects are different, but in general can be divided into three categories. First, interference blocking anti UAV systems. Widely used, target drones emit directional large power interference radio, cut off the communication between UAVs and remote control, thus forcing the UAV to land or return on its own. On the other hand, because most of the UAV flight control using GPS satellite navigation system and inertial navigation system combination, therefore, can only GPS interference signal receiver of the UAV, the UAV can only rely on the result based on gyroscope.

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