Anti-drone System Technology and Classification

The anti-UAV system is a device that uses technology to monitor, interfere with, defraud, control, and destroy drones. At present, the technical means of anti-UAV mainly include laser cannon, signal interference, signal deception, acoustic wave interference, hacker technology, radio control, and anti-UAV drones.

The anti-UAV systems developed using these techniques can be roughly divided into three categories: First, monitoring and control – control the UAV with a transmission code that blocks the use of UAVs and guide them to return. The second is to directly destroy classes – mainly by using missiles, laser weapons, microwave weapons, combat drones, and conventional firepower to directly destroy UAVs. The third is the interference blocking type – by sending directional high-power interference radio frequency to the drone, cutting off the communication between the drone and the remote control platform and forcing the drone to land or return by itself.

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