Anti-drone Defence System-detection and Tracking

In the aspect of detection and tracking, the radar has the characteristics of high resolution and long monitoring distance, but it can not detect the non-visual target and has a large blind spot. The photoelectric device has the advantages of strong anti-electromagnetic interference, good low-altitude detection performance and high image resolution , The target recognition ability is strong, but the photodetection tracking device has a small field of view, can not detect the target behind the obstacle, and can also track the loss of lock due to obstacles.

With the development of science and technology, the Anti-UAV defence system is constantly updating technology.

The spectrum detection sounding has the ability of 360°omnidirectional detection, The detection of affixed flights and obscured objects can also be performed at night, rain and fog and other unhealthy weather, but compared with radar and light detection methods, the acoustic measurement accuracy is low, the detection range is near, and spectrum detection requires the antenna Larger designed to ensure the detection range. Therefore, all kinds of detection means are integrated and complementary to each other to realize the full coverage of the detection area. At the same time, the fusion problem avoids the problem of excessively high false alarm rate only by means of single detection.

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