Anti Drone Applicable to The Prison

For the prison, drone’s invasion mainly has the following risk:

Firstly, through the drone to steal the specific circumstances of the prison resulting in leaks, even by use of the people with ulterior motives, as the means of detection of jailbreaking and robbery.

Secondly, outlaws use drone to put tobacco,narcotic drugs and even lethal weapon and other prohibited items into prison.

Therefore, it is urgent for the major prison to deploy anti drone system.

Through the deployment of anti drone detection system to achieve 24 hours automatic detection of drone,after successful detection, automatically lock the drone and alert the security personnel. Security personnel can choose the automatic attack mode or manual attack mode so that drone forced landing or drive away.

Anti drone-fixed deployed at the roof of high-rise buildings, a small drone within radius of 3km can be detected, it can precision attack when drone enters the 2km attack range. The function of fixed and vehicle is same, mainly to deal with emergencies, massive gather and mountain border defense and other special circumstances deployed.

Anti drone system can achieve automatic detection, automatic tracking, automatic attack, automatic tracking its source of one of the four ways of working, it’s convenient that public security officers use it to combat crime and frighten action of drone black flying.

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