Analysis on the Development of China’s Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry

Beidou satellite navigation system is China’s implementation of the independent development, independent operation of the global satellite navigation system, it can provide high precision, all-day and all-weather positioning,navigation,timing and communication service for users, is a important part of national information base construction, is a great technological support system of national security and modern national defense, and also is significant guarantee of national economical security. In 2005, China has launched 4 new generation of Beodou navigation satellite in succession, and actively promote Beidou global system engineering. It’s expected that 5 geostationary orbits and 30 geospatial satellite global networks will be implemented around 2020 to achieve global coverage.

Beidou has been widely used in transportation,weather,public security, civil affairs, agriculture, land and other key areas related to national security. At present, Beidou industry has begun to take shape, and has built a set of ships,module,boards, terminal and operating services as one of Beidou industry china. The first generation domestic Beidou chips and modules and other core technological products, their performance price ratio has been closed the international level,the sales have exceeded 10 million scale, the newly Beidou chips with low consumption, small volume, better performance and higher degree of integration already has broken through the key technology. And they will soon be on the market, to meet the smart phone, tablet PC, wear Equipment and other aspects of the application needs, high-precision boards, antennas and other products in the domestic market has occupied a considerable share of China’s high-precision satellite navigation products to completely rely on imports of the situation.

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