Accelerometer Classification

There are many types of accelerometers:

According to the displacement mode of the detected mass, a linear accelerometer (detection mass for line displacement) and a pendulum accelerometer (detection mass rotating around the support shaft) are classified;

According to the support method, there are gemstone support, flexible support, air floatation, liquid floatation, magnetic suspension and electrostatic suspension;

According to the composition of the measurement system, there are open-loop and closed-loop types;

According to the working principle, there are vibrating wire type, vibrating beam type and pendulum type integral gyro accelerometer;

Classified by number of input axes, there are single-axis, dual-axis and three-axis accelerometers;

According to the classification of sensing elements, there are piezoelectric, piezoresistive and potentiometer types.

An accelerometer is usually named by combining the characteristics of several different taxonomies.

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