Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System

ER-FINS-7660 (0.05 º) Features:
1. Build in high-precision closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and high precision quartz accelerometer;
2. North seeking: High precision since the north found: 0.1 °independent north precision;
3. Compass function: Both Drift Free compass function.

Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System

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    ER-FINS-7660 Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System 


    Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System built-in total temperature 0.3 º/ h high-precision closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope, 100 ug high precision quartz accelerometer. It supports BD function mobile mapping level multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS receiver, which can realize dynamic rapid alignment or GNSS double antenna auxiliary fast high precision orientation and can be up to 0.1º.

    ER-FINS-7660 FOG INSsupport GNSS/odometer/DVL/barometric altitude meter and other external sensors.

    The product has good scalability, and the use of multi-sensor data fusion technology combined with inertial measurement can also greatly improve the regional adaptability and robustness of the system. While the product has a pure gyro drift-free function, it can also achieve unlimited time history without any external auxiliary equipment. It is especially suitable for the navigation and positioning of unmanned aerial vehicles and other types of underwater vehicles.

    The product can meet the application requirements of marine surveying and mapping and map surveying and mapping, matching the original data storage, the level of surveying and mapping, and the post-processing software for surveying and mapping navigation. Users can match according to their needs.


    Military device

    Good compatibility

    Surveying and mapping level GNSS receiver: built-in support beidou B1, B2, the highest support 3 mode frequency point 7

    -Compass function

    Both Drift Free compass function

    -Dynamic rapid alignment

    Support the rapid alignment: dynamic accuracy of 0.1 º, 1~2 minutes (dynamic maneuvers required)

    -Double fast directional antenna

    Double satellite antenna auxiliary support low dynamic application environment fast orientation: accuracy of 0.1 º (2 m baseline )

    -High bandwidth

    High bandwidth: 200 hz data update rate


    The support top 16 g data storage extension, navigation data/raw data/external user data is stored

    -Rich Interface

    Rich external interface: RS232/RS422/ LAN/CAN/USB

    -Excellent extensibility

    Support for multiple external sensor combination (odometer/DVL/barometric altimeter, etc.)

    -Flexible configuration protocol

    Standard of NMEA0183 protocol output flexibility can match with up to 20 kinds of exclusive agreement

    -Waterproof and dustproof

    Waterproof and dustproof, protection grade IP67

    -Customizable options

    Interface, storage, precision grade


    Aerial mapping

    Surveying and mapping

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

    Photoelectric detection stability

    High dynamic range measurement bandwidth

    Full scale fixed compensation (- 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃)

    Precision vibration environment optimization

    INS/GNSS integrated design

    Built-in 16 g data storage

    Land-based areas

    Used for: intelligent unmanned vehicles of surveying and mapping

    City high-speed railway track inspection directional

    Land-based positioning

    Vehicle satellite communication

    Military-grade level of surveying

    Mapping navigation post-processing function

    High precision inertial measurement device

    Precise UTC time synchronous

    Ethernet/CAN interface

    Support the car 12 v power supply

    SFE multi-sensor fusion technology GNSS/odometer/RTK


    Hydrological measurement

    Channel detection

    Marine compass

    Unmanned surface craft

    Since 0.06 º north seeking accuracy

    Heave measurement accuracy

    Supports up to 4 road shipboard equipment connected

    IP67 degree of protection

    Support the NMEA standard protocol

    Underwater areas

    Underwater vehicle


    Real time precision
    North seeking precision 0.05 º (1σ)

    Dynamic alignment

    0.1 º (1σ)

    Low dynamic dual antenna auxiliary baseline (2m)

    0.5º (1σ)

    Auto north seeking (0.05 ° / hr gyro matching)

    Attitude accuracy 0.02º (1σ)
    GNSS combination level positioning accuracy Single point L1/L2: 1.2m (1σ)
    RTK: 2cm+1ppm (1σ)
    GNSS combined velocity


    0.02m/s (1σ)
    Odometer positioning accuracy 0.5% Range

    (depending on external odometer accuracy)

    Heave measurement precision 5cm or 1%
    Startup time ≤ 10s
    Dynamic alignment time 1~2min

    (depending on the dynamic motor form)

    Double antenna auxiliary orientation time ≤ 1min
    Azimuth Angle measurement range 0º-360º
    Pitching Angle measurement range ±90º
    Rolling Angle measurement range ±180º
    Main part performance
    Gyro Type Close-loop fiber optic gyroscope
    Range ±300º/s
    Zero bias stability 0.3º/hr
    Accelerometer Range ±10g
    Bias ≤ 100ug
    Serial port 2 path (RS232/RS422 custom configurations), 1 pathRS232
    CAN 2.0b 1 path
    Local Area Network 1 path
    Pulse 1 path differential signal;

    2 path single-ended

    SupportPPS, EVENTMARKInput/output
    Auxiliary sensors Odometer/DVL/Atmospheric altimeter interface
    Storage 16GB (Customize)
    Data refresh 200Hz (Adjustable)
    Power supply 24V DC Rated (12-36V DC)
    Power consumption ≤24W
    Outside dimension 189mm× 169mm× 133mm
    Weight ≤4.1kg
    Vibration 20~500Hz, Vibration acceleration 5g
    Resistance 15g, 11ms
    Operation temperation -40º C – +55ºC
    Protecting level IP67
    Mean Time between Failures 2000h
    Odometer suite Doppler ladar/wheel speed sensors
    Barometric altimeter suite 10~1200Hpa, resolution 0.1Hpa,

    High accuracy measurement 10m (Max)

    RTK differential radio Digital radio 433 MHz /900MHz/2.4GHz
    Navigation post-processing software The processing results of surveying

    and mapping level requirement


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    If you have DHL or Fedex account, we can quote EXW price, otherwise CIF or FOB price.

    2. Are there any discounts?

    After we submit the sample price, if more quantity is needed, we will quote the bulk price.

    3. How long will it take to deliver the goods after placing the order?

    For sensors, parts and modules: in stock-one week; no stock-2-4weeks; For systems, generally, 8-12 weeks.

    4. How to deal with the quality problems?

    After confirming that the product has quality problems, we will replace it for you free of charge in the shortest possible time.

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    Digital Output Type Dual- Axis Tilt Sensor
    Analog Type Two Axis Tilt Sensor
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