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true north finder factory

  • Continuous North Seeking Gyro

    Contact NowContinuous North Seeking GyroFeatures:
    1. Small size, anti-impact;
    2. Multi-purpose, wide application;
    3. Automatic north-seeking, logging data read;
    4. Out directly on surface.
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  • Directional Sensor

    Contact NowDirectional SensorFeatures:
    1. With small volume, compact structure
    2. High vibration resistance, high reliability and good performance
    3. Digital serial data output
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  • Multi-shot Inclinometer

    Contact NowMulti-shot InclinometerFeatures:
    1. Able to determina bottom singal data with time;
    2. Able to estamine downhole magnetic field variation;
    3. Battery can work 20 hrs continuously, easy to learn and operate;
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  • High Temperature Memory Card

    Contact NowHigh Temperature Memory CardFeatures:
    1. High reliability, good performance and fast writing and reading under high and low temperature;
    2. With high temperature, small volume, large density, fast reading rate and rare error.
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  • ER-FIW03 Continuous FOG North Seeking Gyro

    Contact NowER-FIW03 Continuous FOG North Seeking GyroFeatures:
    1.High precision fast continuous attitude and position measurement
    2.It has the function of self seeking, easy to use
    3.Real-time uploading and drawing of measurement data through cable
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  • MEMS Directional Sensor

    Contact NowMEMS Directional SensorFeatures:
    1.With high reliability, the DS550 directional sensor only need to be calibrated once time per 3-years/5,000 hours by remote mode;
    2. Shock resistance 1000g,vibration resistance 20grms;
    3. Digital data transmission;
    4. With minimum size of 20.4mm×19.1mm×120.1mm...
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  • Borehole Wireless MWD

    Contact NowBorehole Wireless MWDFeatures:
    1. Borehole Wireless MWD O.D. is only 40mm;
    2. Able to work under 175℃ and 30000psi;
    3. Suitable for borehole size under φ114.3mm(4-1/2'');
    4. Double battery supply system with auto switching function, which prolonged downhole working time dramatically.
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  • Fiber Optic North Seeking Gyro

    Contact NowFiber Optic North Seeking GyroFeatures:
    1. Use Fiber Optic Gyro and accelerator as main sensors;
    2. It is single and multi-point inclinometer;
    3. Stronger shock resistance and more reliability;
    4. FOG can be used for well trajectory repeated survey, sidetracking well directional.
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  • Pad Acquisition Module

    Contact NowPad Acquisition ModuleFeatures:
    1. With small volume, compact structure, convenient use;
    2. High reliability and good performance characteristics.
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  • Single-shot Inclinometer

    Contact NowSingle-shot InclinometerFeatures:
    1. Able to determina bottom singal data with time;
    2. Able to estamine downhole magnetic field variation;
    3. Battery can work 20 hrs continuously;
    4. Easy to learn and operate.
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