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gyro survey instrument factory

  • Dynamically Tuned Gyro For Aerospace

    Contact NowDynamically Tuned Gyro For AerospaceFeatures:
    1. High-precision strapdown flexible gyroscope;
    2. With advantages of light weight, small size, and high precision;
    3. Widely applied in strapdown attitude system in aerospace.
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  • ER-HGS 20 Gyro-Theodolite

    Contact NowER-HGS 20 Gyro-TheodoliteFeatures:
    1.The principle of reverse point tracking method and high orientation precision;
    2.The DC permanent magnet gyro motor is used to reduce the temperature rise of the sensitive part;
    3.The stability of the equipment is good. Detachable design, convenient to carry;
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  • Gyro-Theodolite

    Contact NowGyro-TheodoliteFeatures:
    1.Ultra high precision north seeking,the integral method is used to measure the principle;
    2.Pit interference ability is strong,integrated fuselage design , compact structure, stable performance;
    3.Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etcs;
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